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This blog stands as a chronicle of my descent into madness. I await the inevitable court case with baited breath.

Things I like include: Supernatural, comic books, Katie McGrath's face, those idiots over at Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, changing my theme at 4 am rather than sleeping, sleeping, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, smiting my enemies, the Originals, Verbotene Liebe, and crying over $400 Nick Fury statues.

webbgirl34 replied to your post: Come say that to his face!

LOL!! I’ve been in love with Havok for an embarrassingly long time. Let’s just say nobody had heard of Madelyne Pryor yet.

One of my all-time favorite panels of anything ever is when there’s a confrontation between Jean and Madelyne over Nate and Jean yelled something about Scott and Madelyne says, “Been there.  Done that.  And his little brother too.”

I laughed so hard, I made myself sick.  Oh, those Summers boys.

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    Dear Alex Alonso, I have half a bottle of A&W root beer and 2 fun-size Snickers with your name on it if you can make...
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    Who at Marvel do we have to bribe for this to happen?